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Sublessor without landlord written accredit bear hire square refus to sign relet
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Relet just is mixed bear hire just be in the name is limited company of three network science and technology (the following abbreviation three companies) below the introduction, signed contract of one paper deposit. When just when the autograph of tripartite agreement is formal,contract date draws near, bear hire just raise doubt suddenly: Because relet just fails to offer the proof that former landlord or landlady agrees with all the time, refus autograph contract and pay fee.
Then, three companies point to indictment general bear hire just appeal to to court of people of Xuan Wu division, ask for 23 thousand yuan of commission to its.
The thing rises: Bear hire square refus to sign relet contract
This year in Feburary, nanjing is being mixed electronic limited company (the following abbreviation is being mixed electron) Mr Li thinks chief hire one department office to use a room. He passes the information that three companies release on the net, know the one picket that this company acts as agent rents business, the condition is adding up to a requirement.
On March 3, three companies handle official bussiness the place the relet Fang Zhangjiang of the room (alias) , bear the employee that hires Fang Lixian to give birth to eduction is called together, tripartite signed the contract of a pattern that issues by this company " agreement of the building deposit that rent " , agree the both sides that rent will sign formal contract on March 11, include 3 years bear the with 23 thousand yuan month hire between lease and cash pledge. Special provision returns in the agreement: No matter rent bilateral where to just violate this agreement, all should compensate for between two parties square -- three companies due is all commission. Meantime, three companies are mixing electronic pay for sb and expect to be repaid later 5000 yuan of deposit.
On March 11, going without group person with the electron and Fang Zhangjiang signs relet to rent a contract formally, and refuse payment 23 thousand yuan of commission. Subsequently, three companies will be being accused with the electron to court of incredible connecting with the boxing skill.
Doubt: Does relet just have without accredit?
On front courtyard, the reason explanation that with electronic controller Mr Li signs to refus says, he sent an employee to talk about deposit contract only at that time, when signing an agreement so, the authorization that whether has former landlord or landlady to the Zhang Jiang that with relet square capacity appears is entrusted did not undertake examine and verify. After signing an agreement, he just knows Zhang Jiang did not show accredit a power of attorney at that time. "Lunar hire 23 thousand yuan, increase deposit again, one secondary hands in more than yuan 160 thousand, how do I believe him? " Mr Li says, so he asks the other side issue this data, but did not get answer all the time.
However, the acting lawyer of three companies -- the Ji Chuansheng's lawyer of office of Su Shang's attorney says Jiangsu, before the autograph that agrees formerly makes an appointment with solstice to will come on March 11, mr Li is in another controller of the company to admit, the company has sought room of one department office separately, they aux would rather pay penalty due to breach of contract... wanted on the telephone recording is card.
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