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Anatomize rent a house common fraud covers railway police watchful by " sublesso
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The caution that rent a house is covered by fraud of " sublessor " the road is common have 3 kind

Hire room phenomenon nowadays general, the citizen that has unused house property is not little, foreign staff is hired alone or close the case that hire very common also. Cause from which after going out to lease next buildings again of relet " sublessor " part, having some of person among them is the illegal member that exploit an advantage covered house-owner to cheat lodger again. House lease good price is happy event, hired appropriate house to also go to the lavatory to live, can do house-owner and lodger notice this " sublessor " ? Careful, fasten by him flicker --

"Sublessor " the world evaporates

Mr Lin has 50 Duopingmi's boarding house in the urban district, after the family moves the house of elevator of high-grade residence village that buys newly, apartment is empty nobody lives. Then, mr Lin leaves rental message in building intermediary, found tenant very quickly, with every months of 600 yuan price, collected rent of a quarter beforehand. In an instant 3 months were gotten on for, when Mr Lin looks for lodger to discuss to issue level to hire sex appropriate a few days ago, discover lodger changed a person surprisingly. And the other side expresses, they just live go in a many month, profess at that time " landlord " the man hires them with same price, and collected rent of half an year beforehand.

Mr Lin inserts the telephone that dials former tenant subsequently, how to search to also cannot find a person however. After its happening, police station is found out very hard also, to the loss that causes among them, mr Lin and present lodger are forced to remove one condition each, discuss how deal with problems arising from an accident.

Not come singly but in pairs, come stannum before long Xiaozhou sees a adding up to hire advertisement hind on the net, found opposite party. These two work the man decides each give 400 yuan of chummage to live together very quickly. Of a month close hire the life to make Xiaozhou very satisfactory, save already left money, much coordinate. But before long, added up to the person that hire to disappear overnight, seek the other side in Xiaozhou when, landlord sought the door, say former tenant owed chummage of two his months, xiaozhou thinks, have to sign a contract to pay rent afresh, should fill the water charge of electricity before on. And at this moment, xiaozhou pays 1200 yuan to add up to the person that hire already.

Police debunk relet fraud

Reporter from investigate and deal with sb economy kind the policeman place of the case understands, "Sublessor " set the relet fraud below, have 3 kinds of state normally. The first kind is " sublessor " guest of requirement bridal chamber is one-time after paying long-term rent, coil suddenly paragraph abscond. The 2nd kind is " sublessor " already exceeded contract agreement lease, had urged chummage in landlord or had not searched before coming, lease the building lodger rapidly, taking received hire take flight next. The 3rd kind is " sublessor " give tenant relet of house high price, and collection leaves after much month chummage, from which diddle price difference.
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