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Old lady of 6 a period of ten days " dig gold " write down: 4 years house proper
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"Demand decided the value, wait-and-see it is temporary only. " although the market becomes ambiguous, also did not bring undesirable reaction to rare wood, the person that because she is not pure spec,fry a room.

4 years short, rare wood (alias) the house property of under one's name by! Set became more than 20. She is not the gens that fry a room, however civilian house property invests an expert.

This year rare wood of 65 years old is some middle school of city of Liaoning province Shenyang a retired president. After retiring 2003, she plans to go abroad to travel and learn period of time originally, but transient Beijing when, discover here business chance is infinite however, then resolutely the decision leaves investment house property.

"Eye decides fortune, education decides future, the position decides the value. " the fortune concept that rare wood is telling about her. She after retiring is having stable emeritus salary, investment house property makes the way that shows another kind of value actually.

Live from 1988 on unit distributive is fair room, buy a town first to what led a common practice 1996 the house of generation commodity on the west, arrive again Beijing bought a house 2004. Look now, the buy course of study of rare wood steps step by step it seems that allowed rhythm, enjoy the ceaseless promotion of life character already through buying a house, more boil through displacement big oneself asset " snowball " . A retired teacher, the 10 more than bank savings that how yields oneself be of rapid appreciation?

Point small family model

The successful line of rare wood depends on clear thinking and eye.

On September 24, 2004, beijing program exhibition opens to the outside world formally. That day, it is daylong that rare wood was carrying a bag on the back to take solid food to be waited for in exhibition, understood Beijing city to plan the history of development, current situation and tomorrow in the round. She made a judgement in the evening that day: Accelerate as what industrialization and city change a course, the Beijing henceforth can develop eastwards ceaselessly.

A few days subsequently, she saw all is in tell a state the building of carry out dish, after computation, the decision buys the subway near station of 8 lines the operatic circle the house of a high-grade village.

Continue hold or undersell

But, not all issue is successful. By 2007 up to now, estate market is entered low fan period.

Stormy arise suddenly, not be every investment objective can all over and retreat. The investor that does not have seasonable get away has only by " set " in the market with wait-and-see strong mood. It is to continue hold or undersell, became the psychogenic disorder that numerous investor spans very hard.

Nevertheless, although the market becomes ambiguous, also did not bring undesirable reaction to rare wood, because she is,purchase house property with the eye of investment, is not pure spec fries a room.
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