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Rent two two rooms take family property room (Guiyang)
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The month hires: 700 yuan
Bedroom: 2 house
Whether intermediary: Blame intermediary
Have posture place: Guizhou - Guiyang - rent two two rooms take family property house to spend orchard and marble way

Rent two two rooms take family property room
One is in: Road of bee of lion of beautiful garden of? of anxiety of earnestly of any of several hot spice plants and Jin Dingshan hand over buccal lion hill alarm the village carries price of home appliance first floor on content room (700)
The 2nd is in: Make a noise  of Xing of exhaust of welcoming phenol krypton model room of? school unit) 5 buildings. Two rooms hall door light is especially good. Without preamble. Case of the electrovalency that take the home (800)

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