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The building other city of dragon of head bridge wisdom is rental (Guiyang)
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The month hires: The face is discussed
Bedroom: 2 house
Whether intermediary: Blame intermediary
Have posture place: Guizhou - Guiyang

Oneself have housing of 70 much square metre, two rooms one hall, defend one hutch, 4 buildings. Clothbound is repaired, there is L of all of complete set home, curtain inside, ark of digital TV, water heater, bath bully, liquid gas kitchen, hutch, can enter instantly. This housing is located in crossing of head bridge loose hill, there is bank, supermarket all round, market, wait for multichannel bus. Reach Guiyang town's most bustling business street city on foot the road needs 5 minutes only on the west, want 3 minutes only to guest station, give a shopping liaison man very convenience. Hire since half an year, the month hires 1100 yuan, still need to make 2000 yuan of deposit additionally. If need price of establishment of other home appliance to be discussed additionally

Contact: Mr Li
Email: Hjm539@163.com
Address: Mallard pond
Mobile phone: 13985148727
QQ: 469425179

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